Success in this state requires strong relationships, broad experience and proven results.


Alaska’s leading Lobbying and Government Affairs Consulting firm for over 25 years with proven results.

Legislative Consultants was established in 1989 by former Speaker of the House Joe L. Hayes. For the past 25 years Legislative Consultants has consistently been recognized as Alaska’s premiere consulting and lobbying firm, representing numerous state, national, and international companies and associations providing strategic government affairs services to our clients. 


Legislative Consultants, LLC  is a full service lobbying and consulting firm providing lobbying, consulting, and strategic advice to their clients year-round in both the State’s Capitol and Anchorage.

The Firm offers a full-service professional team with offices in Juneau adjoining the Alaska State Capitol Complex, providing client parking, convenient access to all Legislative Offices, the Governor’s Office, and Administrative Agencies.  Legislative Consultants’ facilities offer private office space, large conference rooms, and full kitchen amenities for clients.


Local And Municipal Government


Resource Development


Industry Trade Associations


Budget And Finance


Native Corporate Issues




Together Partners Wendy Chamberlain and Heather Brakes have over 65 years of experience working in both the Administrative and Legislative Branches of Government and representing clients in Alaska.

Wendy Chamberlain

Legislative Liaison

Wendy began her career as a legislative staffer in 1985 and after seven years she began working for Governor Walter J. Hickel as Legislative Liaison. In 1996 she joined Legislative Consultants lobbying and government relations firm and in 2007 took over management of the firm.  Wendy has diverse work experience and a broad understanding of Alaska’s political process. Over the years Wendy has developed very strong relationships in all three branches of government and her 20 plus years in lobbying provides clients with a unique prospective on past, present, and future opportunities; what worked, and what didn’t.

Heather Brakes

Chief Legislative Director

Prior to moving to the private sector and joining Legislative Consultants, LLC Heather served in both the Executive and Legislative Branches for 24 years including serving four different Governor’s, including Democrat, Independent, and Republican.  Most recently she was appointed and served as Governor Parnell’s Legislative Director, member of his Cabinet, and Senior Executive Team.  During her tenure in both branches of Alaska’s state government she developed a deep knowledge and vast experience of the inner workings of state government allowing her to offer a unique insight to clients on politics, policy, and procedure.  


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